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Paper Mill of Tourne

Les Marches
In a paper-mill on the River Tourne, discover all the stages of traditional paper-making and the work of printers.
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La Combe de Savoie eco-museum

Nestled amid an abundance of varied natural vegetation, on the Isère’s right bank, are 20 stone buildings housing the Rural Heritage conservatoire for La Combe de Savoie. Open to the public, there are about 7000 items on display.
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Chateau de Miolans

A fortress bult between the 11th and the 16th century, an admirable preserved military masterpiece.
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Museum of Wine and Viticulture

History of the Savoie’s vineyard from the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, the work of the winegrower and cooper, as well as traditions associated with wine.
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Hôtel de Cordon - Interpretation Centre of Architecture and Heritage

The CIAP of Chambéry is located in a former townhouse, the Hôtel de Cordon. Built in the 16th century, its main façades and internal layout were reworked in the 18th century.
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